Sunday, November 18, 2007


We just got back from the Mt. Pisgah Bible Conference this past week and it was sooo good. The preaching and fellowship all ministered to me, like they usually do. It's refreshing to be among so many other brethren of like mind, and to just be able to get encouragement that we aren't crazy.
Cause, sometimes, I really get to feeling that maybe we are crazy. Maybe we're not really living by faith, maybe we're just being stupid. After all, it doesn't make sense (to most people) to just let the Lord decide how many children you have and how close together you have them. Or to trust the Lord to provide for our needs. Or that we are doing the best and right thing to homeschool our children. Thank the Lord for friends (brethren) that can encourage you to just keep trusting and walking by faith.

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