Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Room With a View

We finally got our windows installed a little over a week ago, and it has been so enjoyable to see the outside world clearly again while still maintaining our warmth.
(Not that we needed warmth this week. haha)
 I know some of you have really been wanting to see some pics, and I'm afraid my only excuse for not posting sooner is I was just too lazy. It has been a very rainy, muddy week and all my energy and ambition looked about like my yard did. Therefore... not much got done that wasn't vital to existence.
 But today the sun is shining again, and since I have about 30 min of downtime before we have to leave for church again I thought I would share my "point of view". ;)
                                         Living Room before windows (All of them looked like this but this is the only one I remembered to take a pic of.)

                                        Living Room the night Ed installed them …I love the way the lights are        reflected in the glass.
                                         Living room daytime view
                                        My Sunny Kitchen! :)
                                           The dressing room/closet …didn't actually have an opening here before.
 Our yard since this week.                                            My Room! With a view
                     This is a panoramic of the loft, so it's a little skewed but we will put a window in here too.
                                    The new quilt on my bed. Yeah, the pillows will be getting a facelift.
                                        A gorgeous and rare luna moth we found one night!

                              Well, my time is up. Gotta run. Hope you enjoyed the view! ;)