Sunday, October 18, 2009

In memory of my Grandfather Gerrell Dale Behringer

Lovin' me some cool weather!

Happy fall everyone! I know it has been awhile since I updated and I was ready for some new scenery anyway. Hope you like the new look as much as I do. I'm really going to try harder to post more pics. You know the wife of the photographer...... it's crazy that I don't have more pics on here.
To catch you up... school is going great! I'm very happy with our progress. The kids are enjoying it and we are always finding ways to streamline our way of doing it. Aaron, Lela, and Alyssa are confirmed bookworms and I have to say I'm so proud of them! They go through several books a week. I occasionally will get frustrated when I find them reading during chore time but it's always tempered with memories of myself doing the same thing as a kid and I can't help but smile (behind their backs, of course)! Isaac is on the verge of reading... I had to find a book no one had been through because he had already memorized everything else, and naturally assumed he could already read. =) Levi and Ky both beg for " 'cool work" too so I try to keep color pages handy for them.
I'm eagerly looking forward to getting to shop the fall DFD sale on Tues! I can't wait to see what I'll find this time. With this cool front that has come through, my girls are especially needing some long sleeves now.
Besides school and sale prep, I have been having fun getting baby stuff ready. Ed and I are both thinking this will be a boy ( no reason really...just because) so I initially only washed up the baby boy stuff. The kids have enjoyed it as much as I have, cooing and oohing over the tiny little clothes. Which led to Alyssa asking how big she was when she was born. It made me realize that I hadn't gotten out the albums in awhile so I drug them out and we had alot of fun looking at how tiny they were. Which also led to a couple other reminders....1) it made me wash the girls clothes too because the newborn pics of Alyssa were in boy onesies and blankets (apparently we thought she would be a boy too), and 2) it showed me again just how quickly time goes by. It still seems as though Aaron and Lela and Alyssa should be the babies, and now they are 9 and almost 8 and 7. The other thing I noticed is, that I don't have near enough pages scrapbooked of the youngest ones. We have tons of pics but I haven't had the time to scrapbook a fraction of them.
So I've been busy making mental notes of all the things I want to remind myself about! Guess I should get some of those down on paper where I can be reminded, huh?
Anyway, I could go on but it's getting late and I'm hoping my banana bread will be out of the oven soon.
Until next time.....