Monday, November 5, 2007

Hey ya'll ( I can say that, I live in the South)

Since I didn't get to actually write yesterday (more than just the title) I guess this is my first real post. I have resisted blogging for awhile now thinking it would hinder my scrapbooking (which I love) or personal journal (which I rarely write in but also enjoy). But, as I'm sure all of you who blog have figured out already, it really just makes all of that easier. So, I'm joining the rest of the blogging world in the hopes that all of you family and friends can keep up with my life just a bit more and I can post all those cute pictures I have that I don't always get time to send to everyone.
You will probably see changes as we go along here...this will be a learning experience for me, but I'm looking forward to it and to hearing from all of you as well. Have a wonderful day.

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