Saturday, September 4, 2010

The good, the bad, and the muddy

The Good: On a whim I ran to Goodwill today to see if I could find Ed some much needed jeans. And what do you know...I found 4 pairs of like new jeans for $5 each. 2 Lees, 1 Levis and 1 Perry Ellis. Soooo happy!
The Bad: I went to the Lil Butcher Shoppe (also on a whim..I guess I was having a whimsical day. lol) to buy meat today. BIG mistake. I got home and started cooking the ground meat, about 5 lbs. worth, and it smelled so bad. But I went ahead and seasoned it and thought it would be fine. I had planned taco salad for lunch and lasagna for tomorrow. I took one bite of my salad and almost gagged. It was awful!!!! Everyone else thought it tasted ok (as in, palatable), but I truly couldn't handle it, and I'm NOT a picky eater. I finally figured out they must have ground up liver with that batch. Ugh, gross! Won't make that mistake again. So I had to go buy some more ground meat at IGA before it closed this evening. I ended up freezing the other stuff for Ed to take to work. His idea, not mine...I was going to give it to the dog. =/
The Muddy: When I got home from shopping this afternoon, I see 4 little mud bugs in the back yard having a hey day. They had turned on the hose and had a small pond going on. Match box cars and mudpies. I was fine with it all except Alyssa was playing in her nicer clothes. (sigh) Thankfully it all came out in the wash and we are good to go again. =)
So that was my day... and a rather nice one if I do say so myself. And the very best part of it is my honey is home from work again and will be off for 4 whole days. Summer overtime has come to an end and I'm so happy. It was a blessing while it lasted, but I sure have missed having my husband around. =)