Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Looking Forward...and back

I know I have said this before, but I just love New Year's. Not because we do anything in particular to celebrate, but because it is a new beginning. It's kind of like Mondays only way bigger. To me it sort of symbolizes a chance to try again and get more things right this year than grow more and learn more and maybe even have some new adventures.
I have several goals for myself this year:
- I want to get on track with homeschooling (as I had expected we lost alot of time with the baby and off and on throughout the pregnancy).
- I want to start working out again as soon as it is safe.
- I want to get a grip on my house again. ( I'm kind of feeling like everything is out of control..clutter, etc.)
- I want to have specific times once a week for scrapbooking and blogging.
- I especially want to be more consistent in a daily quiet time, which I know will help me in accomplishing my other goals.
- And I have several specific prayer requests that I would like to see answered. ( I will share them as they happen, ok. )
Then in looking back over the past year I realize how many blessings we have had.
The most recent, of course, being our little Asher. He is such a joy and we all love him to no end.
The salvation of 2 more of my children right before Asher was born and Alyssa's baptism back in Jan. ( I actually had to check back through my archives to see if that was this year or not. lol. Sure glad I have this blog. )
Ed's photography business seems to be picking up a bit. He hopes to see that take off more in this new year as well.
I have so enjoyed having my family here in the States again and living close by.
We have had a jam packed year of stuff that I would be hard put to record all of it. There's been lots of fun and good times but there's been tough times and tears too.
Last Christmas I miscarried our twin boys and more recently we lost my Grandfather on my Mom's side. We typically think of these things as only bad but in alot of ways they can be blessings because of what they teach us. It's taught me to value the people in my life more and not to take things for granted as much. It's teaching me to trust the Lord more.
There have been the frustrations any normal Mom faces of trying to be all that you need to be and not always succeeding...and there have been the joys of my children's hugs and "I love you's". The challenges of how to deal with one more mess when the day has already been a disaster, and the sweetness of getting a brownie and hot chocolate as your breakfast in bed. The feeling of, "will I ever get this Math concept through their heads?" and the delight when they excitedly tell you the newest thing they learned in History. The despair of ever getting your son to think before he says whatever is on his mind and the emotion when he shares his burden for lost souls.
It's everything in our lives...the good and the bad..that works together to make us into a people that can bring glory to the God who made us and saved us.
Looking forward to what this new year brings!

Friday, December 25, 2009

My top 10 favorite things about Christmas!

10. Getting the Pottery barn Christmas magazines. =)
9. Decorating the house.
8. Listening to "Alvin and the Chipmunks" or "Bing Crosby".
7. Helping the kids draw names with each other.
6. Shopping for presents.
5. Baking and decorating our gingerbread houses and cookies.
4. A beautifully wrapped present.
3. Going Christmas caroling with our church.
2. Stuffing the stockings.
1. Spending time with all my family!

I know I have probably surprised many of you by not mentioning the "Christmas story", or various other typical Christian aspects of Christmas as being favorite things. But isn't Christ our reason for rejoicing at any time of year? His coming to earth is the reason we have eternal life and I have always thought that we should celebrate Christ's birth all year long. So please forgive me if I don't automatically think of Christmas as Jesus birthday. For me, it's a special time for giving gifts and spending time with family and rejoicing in our blessings. Everything we have or enjoy is because of Christ.
Now, having said that, Luke Ch 2 definitely has special meaning to me and I have recently found myself identifying (in a small way) with what Mary must have been going through when she traveled pregnant on a donkey to a strange city to have her firstborn baby in a cold drafty barn delivered by a man who was probably still somewhat of a stranger to her, even though they were married. I was asked to be Mary in our Christmas play this year and since I was pregnant up until 2 weeks before the play, it has really been on my mind alot. I don't pretend at all that my situation is the same as hers, but it has made me wonder....what was she thinking? what was Joseph thinking? She was a real person, and Jesus was a real baby. I can only imagine that she was as overwhelmed as I always am every time I look into the face of my baby, or nurse him, or feel his tiny wight in my arms and know that I'm responsible for raising him. Except that must have been magnified many times over for her, by knowing that she was holding the Saviour of the world. Is it possible to comprehend something like that? Of was that just something she came to understand the full meaning of as she raised Him and watched Him grow and then watched Him crucified?
I don't know, but I do know matter the season, no matter the time of year...I want my life to celebrate my living Saviour in every way, no matter what we are doing.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pics to come soon!

Well my sweet hubby got me the most awesome camera for now I can take pics myself again. Fair warning...they may not be his quality, although at some point I hope to be a second shooter for his business, but I have to learn first. I'm so excited about it! I'll be posting more pics on my blog now hopefully!
We had a great time with the Christmas play tonight and I thought my little angels and shepherds looked completely adorable. They sang really well too. Of course Isaac would not be still and kept using his shepherds staff as a gun. lol. That ought to make some great film footage.
Good thing I was playing Mary or I might have been a little more stressed about it, as it was I didn't find out until afterward and by that point I could laugh.
Well, Asher is hungry and it's late so I've gotta scoot. Looking forward to a great week...hope you are too!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

! week old

Asher is 1 wk old today and he just found his thumb. Soooo sweet! I love it. Ed says it's cause we homeschool that he's so smart. Lol.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My baby and me (oh and Asher too ;-)

Hello to all! I'm sure you have heard the good news by now and seen pics of my new dolly. I just have to say I have the most amazing husband ever! How many guys do you know can deliver their own babies and handle it like it's no big deal....even when you know otherwise. That's my man!
In spite of (or perhaps because of) the couple weeks of start and stop pre-labor, when it actually came time everything went really well. I went to bed Sat night hoping so much that I would be in labor in the morning but not really believing it would happen. (Mon. was my due date and Ed had to go back in to work that morning, so I was feeling antsy about it all.) Lo and behold I woke up feeling contractions around 7:30ish. I waited just a bit to see if they would continue and then let Ed know I would probably just be staying home. In spite of ctx. (contractions) being good and strong when I had one, I was still able to get around and do stuff in between times and felt very So we got up and started getting the kids ready for church and Ed called Pete and Holly to see if they could come and take them in the van. After we got them off, it was a nice quiet morning ...we ate and then went for a walk around the block, and then started doing a bit of cleaning when we got back. Labor continued nicely with me having to stop and breathe through ctx. but still able to keep working in between. It was so nice to have the house quiet and to ourselves for those few hours. I was able to just relax and let things happen. After church we called Mom and let her know what was going on and she and Priscilla got here about 2:00pm. Labor was just starting to get harder at this point so it was good timing. (I think Ed checked me and I was at 8). Ctx. were coming closer together now and Mom rubbed my feet and Ed would keep counter pressure on my back. (Can I just say he somehow knew what I needed when with out me having to say a word.) Time seemed to sort of slow down for me at this point as I knew I was close to pushing but wanted to take it slowly and not risk tearing or anything, especially as this wasn't a water birth. It was sort of crazy but all at once I wanted to be all the way up on the bed instead of on the edge so everyone had to do a quick scramble to get into position again. (Did I mention Holly came over too at some point in here? It was the most people I have had at a birth but it was so nice to have all the extra hands and I had talked about the possibility with each one beforehand too.) I was so glad to have the extra support at my back and within a few minutes I was pushing....harder than I have ever pushed in my life. His head was huge! (we measured later and it was almost 15" around) then a quick rest before the shoulders and rest of him came out. Usually we wait for the next contraction but Ed was calmly encouraging me to go ahead and try to push the rest of him out so I did, and with him came about 20 gal of water (as Mom put it =). It totally soaked Ed and the bed and everything else . lol . When I opened my eyes I realized why Ed was wanting me to get him out...he had the cord wrapped twice around his neck and was looking a little blue. But Ed got him untangled right away and he started crying and he pinked up before too long. Even with all that is was/is such a calm baby. He hardly cries at all. Anyway, everything was fine and we are just thanking the Lord for another wonderful blessing. He weighed 10 lbs and 8 oz and measured 21" length. Needless to say, I feel soooo much lighter. lol.
The kids all got to come home and meet their Asher after church that night (in fact the whole family got to come meet him), and already love him to death. Ky would make him her personal doll if we let her and everyone wants to hold him all the time. I have let them a couple times but don't want to wear him a family this big it can happen fast.=) Besides I really am hoping to keep him well if at all possible.
So I am just thanking the Lord for all His blessings...a wonderful husband( you are my hero), my 7 precious babies (I 'm so proud to be your Mommy), that this labor and delivery was safe and healthy for both of us, I'm recovering great from all that, and for all the rest of my family and friends who are there anytime I need them. I'm so thankful for all of you!

Asher Edward Blakeman

Jessica will probably have a post for today but I wanted to post a few pictures for those of you that are not on facebook and have not seen pictures of the new Blakeman. Asher was born at 4:21 on Nov 29. He weighed 10lb 8oz. He is doing great and mom is as well. Getting that much needed rest and sleeping on her belly for the first time in a few months. Any way here are the pics.