Monday, November 5, 2007


Isn't fall beautiful! I usually think of spring as my favorite time of year, but every season in it's turn is special. Just now I'm ready to do some serious baking...cookies (cut out and decorated with the kids of course), pies, breads.... all the yummy things we think of in relation to the holidays. Thanksgiving is almost here, and I'm not really sure what we are doing for it yet, but I know I'm going to be fixing lots of food.
The kiddos have been working to pick up pecans the last couple days...or should I say, I have been working to get them to pick up pecans. This is our first year to actually have any pecans...they haven't really produced anything worth eating before now. We are kind of thinking that maybe Katrina broke off enough old growth that it made them start producing better. Anyway, I'm glad for it. Even if we can't eat them all we can sell them, and I told the kids they could earn money for however much they picked too. That seemed to get a little more enthusiastic effort.
They keep getting distracted playing Robin Hood and Lady Marian.( Seems to work out pretty good for them as there are enough fun characters to go around.) Aaron even proposed that I make them some costumes, but I told them they could just keep pretending. Works for me!

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I love you. You are the best EVER.