Saturday, November 24, 2007

And now...

Since Thanksgiving, I have had a busy two days. The kids have been begging me for weeks if I could decorate, not just for Christmas but also their rooms. ( We just switched around all our rooms a few weeks ago.) Anyone who knows me knows this is one of my favorite things. I have been looking forward to doing this since we did all that moving, but I just hadn't caught up on the laundry or cleaning enough to make any progress.
SO, anyway, I had already decided that when Ed went to work I would get busy and get all the decorating done. Yesterday I started by telling the kids that if they wanted to do it the house had to be clean first. Talk about motivation. They did such a great job, with arguing kept to a minimum =). Yay! Then I was ready to have a hot chocolate break, but Aaron was so anxious to get started that he asked if it could be our reward when we were all done. haha. I agreed, and we ended up having it about 11:00 that night with animal crackers and all the lights off so we could see our christmas lights around the window. Then today I got up, and lunch was already in the crock pot and the house was nice and clean, so all I had to do was fix breakfast and work on the kids rooms. It did take me most of the day but they are thrilled and I had a lot of fun. I think they look pretty cute too. ( I'm putting the pics on Flikr, I hope they turn out ok.)
I guess the only thing left for me to do now is just to get my work room organized and I will feel like I'm back on top of things again. I love organization and pretty(clean) rooms. I will feel ready to tackle the rest of the holidays and homeschool too.
To date, our homeschooling has been erratic ( hey, they say confession is good for the soul) at best. I'm really praying that I can get better at that whole routine thing.
Well, I guess that's us for now.
P.S. The kids now think that Christmas is now just a day or so away. I had to reintroduce them to a calendar. =)

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