Saturday, February 20, 2010

My new diet

I am on a stress-free diet.
Absolutely No:

- Quandries
- Crises
- Hitches
- Glitches
- Snafus
- Predicaments
Not even a little pickle.....

But I can have all the chocolate I want! =)

"At least we are dancing"

The other day I was picking up the toyroom/dressing room for the millionth time, and I made the comment to Ed (who was helping me) that so many times it seems like life is 2 steps forward 3 steps back and I absolutely loved his answer. He just smiled and replied "At least we are dancing".
The more I thought about it the more I realized how much truth there was in that. I don't know too much about dancing but I do know that it takes two people and alot of work but can be so much fun. Just like a marriage or a family. It IS a lot of work, but it's alot of fun too and I'm so thankful for my man who constantly makes me see the bright side of everything.
I found a quote not too long ago that I just loved and I scrapbooked it into a frame to remind myself:
"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's learning to dance in the rain". Ed's a fantastic "dancer" and he is teaching me to be too.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random facts about me

My family probably knows some of these since they grew up with me.
1. I once played a chinhead in a skit at youth camp.
2. I also once stole a pair of polka dot boxers from the boys dorm and ran them up the flag pole ( I was a counselor that time and I had help =)
3. I am not a huge fan of sports (I could honestly care less who wins the Super Bowl;-), but I like soccer.
4. I love to climb trees (yes, even now).
5. I would live on a farm if I could.
6. I don't like assumptions.
7. I think processing deer into sausage is unbelievably disgusting, and I helped.
8. I like doing things myself and hate having to ask for help.
9. I am very "greener is better" but just because it's healthier, not because I think we are killing the ozone.
10. I have a hard time reconciling my sentimental side with my practical side.
11. I love cleaning, organizing, and interior design.
12. I love to fact, I'm useless if I ever really get into a good book, until it is finished.
13. I am afraid of heights, spiders, and snakes.
14. I love airports and airplanes.
15. I am super non-confrontational.
16. I am a huge fan of independent thinking.
17. My favorite Scripture passages are Psalm 91, Phil. 1:6, and 1 Cor. 13.
18. I am addicted to coffee and dark chocolate.
19. I find it easier to communicate on paper than in person.
20. I think being married to my best friend, and raising our children and following the LORD together, is the best life there is.
21. Oh yeah, and I have never ridden on a roller coaster but I would like to sometime (I think).