Friday, October 29, 2010

Where has the time gone?

I was looking at the date on my last post and realized with a shock how long it has been. I think the last couple months have blown by in a flurry of fall leaves. =)
We saw Mom and Dad and the girls off to Mozambique (for 6 months until Priscilla's wedding), and then I immediately dived into prepping all my Duds for Doodlebugs stuff. While doing that I caught the sewing bug and decided I could save alot of money if I made/repurposed a whole bunch of the kids clothes. That produced a whole lot of mess and great results. (I am hoping to post pics of it all.) We squeezed in a weekend trip to Ed's folks and I also got to spend an awesome couple of days with one of my best friends shopping and sewing. ( Hoping to post pics of that too.) I have attempted to do a certain amount of schooling and while we have had a few good solid weeks , I hate to confess that, alot of the time, the demands of the moment have over-ruled my attempts. I try not to let it overwhelm me when I consider how much of the year we have left and how much of it will be spent NOT doing school.
Maybe one day I will get it all figured out.....
Monday, we had a joint birthday party for the girls--complete with outdoor hotdog roast. The weather was absolutely perfect for it. Then the last couple days, when everything was finally slowing down and I was going to get back on that wagon.... I get sick. Flu I guess, I just know I felt miserable. I'm hoping that I'm on the mend now. I think the Lord lets me get sick ever once in a while just to keep me empathetic with my babies when they are sick. Otherwise I'm saying "suck it up and quit whining". =) (Maybe I'm exaggerating just a bit, but that does happen to be a tendency. Especially when everyone is crying. =)
What next?
Well, I'm planning on catching up with a cousin I haven't seen in forever on Monday. Seriously, probably 10 years. Soooo excited about that. And after that, we have a couple school field trips planned for next Friday.
So what has the Lord been teaching me lately?
Well, I think He is always trying to teach me many things but I'm such a slow learner. Seems I keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Like forgetting to prioritize and letting my whims dictate what happens at any given time.
But a couple of verses the Lord has brought to my attention lately are in 1Peter where I'm attempting to continue to memorize.
1 Peter 4:9 &10 " Use hospitality one to another without grudging. As every man hath recieved the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God."
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE company and doing for others, but occasionally I get frustrated when some of my carefully laid plans get "rearranged". And this was a good reminder to, even in my heart, be thankful and gracious with every bump that comes along.