Monday, August 31, 2009

Hey, Go'geous!

Kyla has become the biggest ham...she keeps us in stitches (or rolling our eyes) all the time.
Last night she snuggled up beside Ed on the couch and said"hey, go'geous man". She says "Go'geous" with such a southern accent too. It's funny to me because neither of us really have one at all. Between her and Levi though, they can turn your average one-syllable word into about 4 or 5 syllables.
I'm so glad she isn't going to stay the baby... she is already so spoiled from all the attention...hopefully having a younger one will help her realize that it's not all about her. You can only say "stop laughing at her" so many times. If it's not the kids it's other adults too. =}
I don't mean to imply that I don't enjoy her antics...I DO! Maybe too much. She really is a cutie, I just don't want her to be ruined. Guess it's another good reminder to pray without ceasing.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Be careful what you say

Last night, I was doing some last minute cleaning before bed and tried to include a quick fix project that I have been needing to do. Our toilet paper holder gets alot of abuse and it has been missing the holder itself plus one screw for awhile now. I finally got the holder replacement and found a screw I thought would work, so I was trying to fix it really quick last night. First I tried to just put the screw in but it pulled right out of the wall, then I tried to loosen the bottom screw but it refused to budge( in spite of being used as a swing or handlebar several times a day). After working with it for a while I finally called to Ed in the other room that " I need help I can't get this stupid screw loose!". To my dismay, I immediately hear below me "Soopid, soopid" and I look down to see Kyla wielding a pencil in place of a screwdriver in perfect immitation of what I had just done....
  Of course I had to tell her "You don't say that", but it was a very humbling reminder that our children hear every thing. Even the stuff we don't want them too.