Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Birthday Traditions

Yesterday was Alyssa's 5th birthday. I can hardly believe it has been that long. The time has just flown, and now she is getting to be so big. She started kindergarten this year and is so excited about her work. She is showing good progress too. It is so fun and interesting to see our children change and develop in their personalities. Lyssa is very spontaneous and sunny (for the most part)...she tends to be a dreamer and spends a good part of her time "pretending to be..." something or someone else. She loves to come in from playing outside, her hands tucked behind her back and say, "Mommy, you will never guess. SURPRISE!" and presents me with a wilty bouquet of the latest wildflowers in her tiny, grimy fist and delight dancing in her eyes. To me that is more precious than anything, and I exclaim over it in pretend surprise. ( And she can repeat this 50 more times too. =)
We started the tradition last year of making a special birthday breakfast with a "happy face plate" for the celebrated person. Sometimes they get it in bed, sometimes at the table, but always on a tray with pretty dishes. I got the idea from a magazine and immediately adopted it for us. All the kids love it and look forward to their own turn.

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