Monday, November 19, 2007

Life is NOT boring

We were on our way to church last night and I commented to Holly (my sil) that life for the Blakeman family is not boring. She laughed and replied "Or for anyone associated with your family."
Pete and Holly had come over for lunch and then Pete lay down for nap while we cooked for the fellowship at church. In the chaos of getting everyone ready to leave Levi makes off with Peter's glasses, and we then have to spend the next 30 minutes searching the house over to find them. Try thinking like an 18 mo old.... Not easy. Especially when you consider all the places he could have gone and left them. We are well on our way to being even later than usual, when Pete finds them stuffed way back under an armchair. Whew, finally! We scramble to load everyone up in the truck and Pete goes to comb his hair.
Once on the way, he casually comments to me, "Hey I think I may have used your lint brush to comb my hair."
I laugh and reply, "Was it round with little spokes?".
"I'm not sure but it was really spiky."
" I think you just got our round hair brush, I don't have a lint brush. I really don't like it, it pulls my hair." Then I add, " Hey, at least you didn't get the dog brush".
His horrified eyes meet mine in the rear-view mirror, "You have a dog brush?!"
I begin to laugh...his reaction was so worth while. "Oh yeah, but it's not like a human brush, don't worry."
" Was it in the bathroom?"...even more worried now.
Then in dismay ( but laughing harder than ever) I remember that, sure enough, the dog brush had been in the bathroom on the back of the toilet. "Oh no! was it green with little wire spikes"
Gasping with laughter I try to apologize..."I'm so sorry, I never thought anyone would use that"
Peter, by now thoroughly disgusted, " I didn't even look at it that close. Ugh, gross!"
I laughed most of the way to church. "Sorry Pete, but life in our house is, at best, unpredictable."


Priscilla J. said...

Hey Jessica, This is Janell. I loved this post. It is sooo HILARIOUS!!!! It's great keeping up with your life this way. I miss you lots and love the pictures.

your little sis

Mini Cakes for Many Occasions* said...

Sounds like Peter had a hard day! lol
Love ya, Lauryn