Thursday, September 6, 2012

Drag races and a photo shoot

  Life since Wyatt has really felt like a series of drag-races....dragging myself from one event to the next as I race against chaos and a clock.  And the prize? Hmmm. Finishing the race? Yeah. That. all of that, I have not taken pictures the way I should have, nor have I updated my blog. Soooo. Today I did a photo shoot with Wyatt and couple of the other kids who were hanging around to try out my new camera. (I think I may have mentioned something in a previous post about my other camera getting a "dirt bath".) May I just say....I LOVE IT! It's Canon 10d. An older model than Ed's, but with almost identical features and perfect for my amateur self as I try to improve my photography skills. And in so doing, taking one more step towards getting our business off the ground. So happy. =)
  Therefore, with out further ado...