Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A crummy night's sleep

  We have just recently gotten the boys a set of (much needed) bunkbeds and dresser. They are absolutely loving it. It's everyone's favorite toy now. But my story goes back about a week before we got the bunkbeds....
      I got up one morning, a little later than I had planned, and was getting the older 3 started on school when I suddenly realized that I hadn't seen Isaac yet that morning. So I head into the bedroom to wake him up, but I can't find him anywhere. I'm looking everywhere...on the floor, under the bed....still nothing. (Let me pause to explain that the boys were still sleeping on a sofa bed at this point.)I'm starting to get worried when it occurs to me to check up under the head of the bed. (Inside the couch, if you will.) Sure enough, there he was curled up with his pillow and blanket. He has this thing about sleeping on the floor. I have no idea why, but he loves it. He was fine so I just let him sleep until he woke up. Well, I was telling Ed about it on the phone that night (he was at work) and he thought it was so funny. He wanted me to ask Isaac if it was fun sleeping under the couch, so I relayed the message and Isaac replied, " Um, no ma'am it was kwummy". It tickled us so much to realize he meant that literally. Crumby. Little boy's room...under the couch. Yep, definitely crumby. 

We're still family...

This past week/weekend we have gotten to spend time with Aunt Sarah's family who came down for a visit. It has been so much fun reconnecting again. Talking  90 to nothin and everyone trying to make themselves heard over the 10 different conversations that are going on. =) The thing that I love is that no matter how much times passes between family reunions, once you are together, it's as though you are picking up where you left off. I felt the same thing when I went to Wyoming for Phoebe's wedding. It's always so refreshing to catch up with what's going on, and fun to play the "do you remember?" game.  I feel so blessed to be a part of such a large, yet close-knit family. Especially knowing we have the added bond of being family in the Lord too. So many people don't have that, and the older I get the more I realize what a blessing and privilege we have.
 I know all of you have been wondering when I was going to write again....well, I have plenty of excuses...I just can't think of them all right now.
  One thing is, John and Angie have moved up their wedding date to May 1st. While we are excited for them, it has definitely upped the busyness factor. We ( as in my little family) have 4 people currently in the wedding. Ed is a groomsman, Lela and Lyssa are flower girls, and as of last week, I am a bridesmaid. Lots of sewing to do! Not to mention I still haven't gotten the girl's easter outfits completed. 
 Oh and besides the family reunion last week, was a local biannual kids consignment sale that I have started helping with. It's alot of work but it really pays off because it helps me keep my kids in clothes. Nice clothes too. I have only known about it since last year and this was my second time to consign (my first time to volunteer).  This time I was able to sell as much as I spent on new spring clothes. Yay! I'm so thankful, it was a real answer to prayer.  I'm really excited to have found out about this because it has really helped me be able to shop wisely for the kids. I can find nice name brand clothing at garage sale prices. And the sales are held at the beginning of spring and the beginning of fall.
 Anyway,.... that's just a little bit of what is going on here.
I know it's not as much of an update as you would like but I'm out of time and I really need to start school.
More later.....=)