Sunday, December 14, 2014


Sometimes I think one of my biggest mistakes as a blogger is only posting when I feel like I have something big to share, but I was just on a friends blog and was captured by her style. They aren't always long posts, but usually very thought provoking, and giving a relevant picture of her life too.
 Something I need to learn.
  I'm just bouncing around today so in the spirit of randomness here goes.
Sunday:  We stayed in town last night because the girls got a chance to go see Anna Laurie perform in The Nutcracker and the rest of us spent some quality Pinterest time with my sisters. ;) Ed is working, kids are currently watching some Veggie Tales, and I'm online while we all wait on our much belated soup to cook (well, ed isn't. not sure what his lunch was today. ;) It will be back to church at 5 for kids choir, followed be evening services. I'll be heading straight home after church since I hate driving at night and don't want to prolong it if I can help it.
  This week will be spent hopefully getting our homestead whipped into shape for any random company that might drop by. aka Pete and Holly are coming and I want them to be impressed. lol. Also hoping to finish up some Christmas gifts I've been trying to work on, and then get stuff wrapped. Sleep and meals are debatable but I suppose the family would appreciate it if I gave them some thought too.
 Also on my mental to do list is to begin to set some goals for 2015. Even as I type that it seems weird, cause I'm not used to using 2014 yet. C'est la vie, huh?
  Relationships. Goals. Beginnings and endings. Old things and new things. Journals, blogging, and scripture memory. Teaching and being taught.
  I told you. I'm random today.