Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Lessons on forgiveness and turnip greens

Today was one of those days where about the middle of the afternoon you are ready to throw up your hands and say forget it. Like the proverbial woman in the shoe "give them some broth without any bread, and spank them all soundly, and send them to bed". It all involved unfolded laundry and no naps and 6 rambunctious kids (ok, so Kylie wasn't exactly running around but she was sure contributing to the noise). Everyone knows lack of sleep makes you grouchy so that is my excuse....but anyway, to get to the lesson part. I really was ready to just call it an early evening and give up all plans of reading and making bread etc., but... I took a moment to think what tactic to take (sending Aaron to his room temporarily). I guess taking time to think has it's merits because I calmed down enough to realize I would be even more frustrated with myself if I gave in to my impulse and called it quits...I would spend the rest of the evening wishing I could go back and start over. So instead, we took time to talk and pray for better attitudes on all parts. Sure wish I could remember that one more often because it made for a much better evening. Cups of hot chocolate and a game of chutes and ladders instead. Still didn't get the baking or reading done, but that's ok. We can do it tomorrow, Lord willing.
By now I'm sure you are wondering where the turnips greens come in to all this and what I learned from it..... We were given two big bags of turnip greens the other day and I didn't have time to get to them right away, so, by today, they were less than pleasant smelling and somewhat slimy to boot. Long story short, I was dreading the cleaning and cooking and said as much to Ed. He suggested I get the girls to help me saying they would love it. I'm thinking "yeah, right" and said a noncommittal "that's a thought". Well, I hung up with him, and seeing as I couldn't put it off any longer, began the process of sorting and washing. Wouldn't you know, in just a few minutes the girls both come bouncing up and after watching me a bit, eagerly ask to help ( go figure)....so of course I tell them to have at it. And they love it. When will I ever learn that husbands are always right, and that kids can enjoy even the worst of jobs if they get to work beside you. Oh yeah, and I was reminded ( again) that putting off a dreaded job only makes it worse.
So, there you have it...forgiveness and turnip greens. Isn't God good?

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