Saturday, February 7, 2009

Week in review

It's really late Sat. night and I should be doing a number of other things like laying out sunday clothes, cleaning the kitchen, getting my bath, etc.....But I know I haven't blogged in a few days and wanted to just give an update while I had a minute (or not).
 Today was another gorgeous day, just like last Sat. and we ended up doing alot of yard work. Ed went to work early this morning only this time he will be gone 4 days instead of 2. He is having to do basic refresher courses and had to swap days with someone so he could get in on the classes. Anyway, I hadn't planned on working outside it just sort of happened. The kids were out there playing and I went out to put Ky in the wagon (she loves to be out there too) and then ended up staying. We started doing clean-up in the, random flip flops, plastic cups, pieces of trash that blew into the yard, and an endless amount of sticks. It was so inspiring that I moved into the front yard and borrowed a rake. We have pine trees so we have a steady supply of stuff to rake. Then I even ended up cleaning off the porch and the carport.  We were all pretty tired but it was a good tired and everything (outside anyway) looks beautiful.
  You know how it is when you move into a new move in and then after being there a bit you find what works and what doesn't so you tweak it and perfect it. I've been doing some perfecting this week. I got the boys curtains finally up and they look adorable in my opinion. As I get each room just where I want it I'm taking video and when it's done I'll post it on here. I think it will give a better idea than pictures.   Oh, and.....
    I've gotten back into scrapbooking again. It is something I LOVE. I'm able to incorporate everything I enjoy into the process and when I'm done I have something that will last longer than 10 min.,.. and I'm recording history and capturing all those adorable pictures in a way we all will enjoy looking at. Anyway, as you can see I have lots of reasons, and if those aren't enough I'll find more. Ed is  sort of the one that got me back started again. He knows how much I enjoy it and he really encourages me in it. I have a whole little nook carved out in the main area so even when I'm doing it I'm not "out of the loop". I'm still able to see what is going on with the kids or visit with family who happens to pop in. It will probably end up being something I only do when Ed is home though because it can become all-consuming. =) I've actually completed 2 pages this week.
  Besides that, it's been business as usual...does anyone know what usual actually stands for. Around here, I think it means taking care of the necessities of life but that can be so many things for us. 
   I got my menu/grocery shopping done again yesterday. so. good.
I think I'm running out of steam here so I'm going to say Goodnight to all and have a blessed Sunday!

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