Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quips and quotes

 Lyssa asked at lunch today....."Mama, does 'cowcium' come from cows?" =)
 Well, she was on the right track anyway. I told her it came from milk and milk came from cows, but it's pronounced CALcium.
 Meanwhile Isaac asked Levi to scratch his back... (let me detour to say, Aaron started this trend awhile back with constantly asking everyone to scratch his back and then he returns the favor; he especially loves it at night. Anyway, Isaac picked up on it)... so Levi, after a second of rubbing with his hand, grabs a fork.
 Yeah, you can guess the rest...Isaac was sitting there with a grimace on his face and we were laughing so hard we could barely tell Levi to stop. 
  If I could get down even half the stuff that the kids come up with it would be hysterical. It's always something.
  Oh, another one of their latest pranks is they figured out that butter knives make a really cool sound when you use them in a pretend sword fight. I had to nix that one fast....I could never find a knife when I wanted to butter anything but I mysteriously found them in the laundry, under the couch, in the girl's room, and in the boys belt loops... basically anywhere they weren't supposed to be. Not to mention, (for me anyway) it didn't seem safe, I think mostly just because the word knife is part of the name. Ed thought it was funny, and wasn't overly alarmed.  Guess it must be a guy thing. "Let them be boys."
 And the girls?
 Well, they are busy being girls...attitudes and all. I think I have had to deal with attitudes more than any other one thing lately. They can be best friends one second and best enemies the next. And of course the tone of voice, the body language...you would think they were grown or something. I shouldn't be dealing with this yet! They are too little! Right?
 I used to think that once you were grown you knew everything....I laugh to remember that now. I think once you're grown you realize how much you don't know. Raising children being the most thing that you don't know how to do. =)
 Every day is an adventure, and if I can just remember to see it as one and to laugh more.... Hmmm, maybe I would make some progress.

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Audrey Archie said...

Jessica, I feel the same way, don't you wish we could save every "GOOD" memory. they are so hilarious. I want to cry when I think of my ill self and the moments I take for granted and throw away!!!!! Sorry this is so scattered, it is really late and I just wanted to say hi. miss ya. how does May look for you guys, maybe a good time for an Archie zoo day in there somewhere? talk soon.