Thursday, February 12, 2009

Romance 101(G rated)

With Valentine's Day almost here you can find lots of books on romance right now. When I was at Books a Million getting us a coffee the other night I picked up this book called "1001 ways to be Romantic" by Gregory Gordec . I started reading it this morning and it is such a fun read. I do want to make a disclaimer right off...he is not a Christian writer and I don't agree with everything in his book...that being said, he has some really fun and cute ideas.
 We actually put one of his ideas into practice last Thurs. afternoon. Here's the deal, you each take $10 and go on a "Mall Wide Trinket Hunt" for the other person, then you meet up again and swap. I added a picnic lunch in the back of the truck and we had one of the most fun (and inexpensive) dates ever. 

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