Monday, February 9, 2009

"Good guys 'n bad guys"

As we were sitting at the dinner table today, everyone is competing to see who can talk the most and eat the least (or so it seems at times, anyway=). We cover a wide range of topics from cartoons to Bible stories, everyone is loving the bacon chicken and can't wait for the "apple saucer" (as Levi calls it), and this whole time Isaac keeps rubbing his cold feet on me. I keep shifting away and he keeps shifting towards me again and finally I tell him to "quit putting your cold feet on me"...then he asks " Is cold the bad guys and warm (or "woym" as he says it)the good guys?". It took a minute with all the noise to realize what he was saying, but when I did, I assured him that warm was definitely the good guys. Smile. He is just too funny sometimes.
  I scrubbed my floors today...literally. Isaac (yes, he's 4) spilled almost an entire gallon of milk all over the floor the other day and I haven't been able to get the smell out. We mopped right away but I think it got trapped somewhere that we missed and I haven't had time to move furniture very much. So today I moved everything and scrubbed with Murphy's Oil Soap and lemon oil and I think it took care of the smell.  It was a perfect day for cleaning...I had all the doors open and everything.
  Now I'm trying to make headway in the laundry. It's the craziest thing...I know dirty laundry is dirty ok, but HOW can I have a fresh swept floor, and after I finish sorting laundry I have another dust pan full of dirt? Does anyone else have this problem?
 Besides that...I'm currently debating the wisdom of trying to scrapbook a bit this evening. Hmmm.
 It's very tempting but I'm not sure but what all my work today would be undone if I did it while the kids are awake. Unless...I put on a movie. But then, Friday night is movie night so I'm not sure that I should. Decisions, decisions.
 Guess ya'll will just have to find out later what I decide.;) C'ya.


Mini Cakes for Many Occasions* said...

So what did yu decide? ;o)

JeccaB said...

PS. Hey Laur. I ended up being too tired to do anything after all.=)oh well.