Monday, February 2, 2009

"Confessions of a super-mom"or "A trip to the zoo"

Sat. we took the kids to the zoo, and we really had a great time. The last time we went Isaac was in the stroller instead of Kyla....
 It was sort of a spur of the moment thing, when we woke up it was such a gorgeous day that we both thought a field trip would be fun, and we both thought of the zoo. We live within walking distance (yes, with 6 kids, so you know how close that is),and I guess the only reason we don't go more often is that they do charge an entrance fee. It's not much, but it used to be free so I guess it's the mental thing of having to pay now. Anyway, we got ready....translate that, I waded through the chaos everywhere to find clean cute clothes suitable for public display for every member of the family including myself; fixed hair, found boy's hats, checked faces, wiped noses(10 times at least), packed diaper bag, meanwhile telling the boys to "FIND YOUR SHOES". We finally realized that they were probably left in the truck, Oops! (at any given time we probably have 4 or 5 pairs of socks and 1 or 2 mismatched shoes in the floor of our truck). Yep, they were, so the boys were excused for not having them on and I FINALLY got everyone lined up at the door. Our routine is to line everyone up age order at the door before we leave. Gives me one last chance to check them over and make sure Isaac is wearing socks with his shoes and has underwear on. I know, I should have that under control better...working on it.
 Since we do live so close, we decided to walk...we all needed the exercise. Overall the kids did pretty good...they have some new exhibits, and we were just in time to make one where the lady brought out a parrot, a tortoise and a giant iguana. You could pet them, or in the parrot's case listen to him talk. It was pretty cool. Then we made the rounds of all the animals. Levi's favorite was the tiger, Lela's was the tapir, Aaron's was the giant land turtle (or is it tortoise),Kyla liked everything, Alyssa liked the peacocks, and Isaac's favorite was the alligator. It's not a huge zoo but still big enough to be fun. Ed got tons of pictures and by the time we got home and ate we were all beat. We all napped for almost 3 hours after that even though it was late afternoon. Oh well, at least I had the energy to see about baths and such after that.
Oh, just FYI, Super Mom is the name of my vitamins (that I forget to take half the time)as you can see, it doesn't really apply in my case.=)

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