Sunday, February 24, 2008


This was so funny. We think of this as "caught red-handed by the red-handed bandit" as Ed put it.
Ed had built a fire in the fire pit and set up the telescope the other night because we wanted to try to watch the lunar eclipse. We did get to see most of it, but the funny thing was we didn't know this picture was taken until we uploaded them to the computer. Apparently Aaron had taken the camera (without permission) and been shooting alot of pictures and took this one of Alyssa trying to look through the telescope (also with out permission). I guess we must have all gone in the house for a minute. Josh, Rachel, and Anna Laurie were over that night so there was alot of in and out going on. Anyway, we didn't let Aaron know, but we thought this was a pretty good picture. He got some good ones of the eclipse too. I think it was an accident but I'm not sure.


melmietzner said...

that is toooo funny! You don't want to laugh at behavior like that so as not to encourage doing things w/o permission but you just can't help thinking it's funny!!

pilgrimmike said...

Thanks for sharing about your lives and your children, and sharing the cute pictures! I loved the flower arranging story--that gal just couldn't resist getting her hands on those flowers! I'm glad you got to take Peepaw some. Love to all, Deb