Saturday, February 23, 2008

Peepaw's flowers

Part 1.1
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The story behind these flowers was so cute I thought I would share it.
I finally had a chance last Sat. to go see Peepaw after his surgery. Pete stayed with the kids while Holly and I went.
We went by Walmart first because I wanted sunflowers and I knew they carried them. I found the sunflowers first and then we decided the purple mums looked good with them so we got those too, but unfortunately they had no filler or greenery so we had to just go with that. Then we picked out a vase and a pair of shears, and, after checking out, I went to the restroom to arrange them. (My thinking was that it would save time instead of going back home.) Well that was easier said than done. It was pretty crowded and busy so I waited until I had room and moved up to the sink. I was thinking about the time so I tried to hurry and I wasn't being as picky as I would have at home. Then this black lady and her friend come in and as she is washing her hands I notice her going really slowly and watching me. I mean REALLY watching me. My first thought was "Oh, I bet she arranges flowers" and I was sort of embarrassed because I knew my arrangement was so far short of what a professional would do. (What with the lack of all the right stuff it was far short of what I would normally do too, but I was out of time.)
So I just kept on with my work and hoped she wouldn't look too (much more) closely. =)
She came over after I was done and looked at my flowers and her friend laughed " Oh, here we go". I smiled sheepishly and asked if she did flowers and she just nodded and kept on examining my work. She didn't say anything at all hardly but I knew she wanted to fix it. Sure enough, in a few minutes she takes the shears from Holly and with a "do you mind?" to me she proceeds to redo my work. She took them all out and filled the vase up with more water then she very meticulously puts them all back in at just the right angles. I'm trying to make small talk so I asked her if she owned a shop. She said no but she always wanted to. I could tell her friend felt sort of awkward and I was thinking about the time, but tried not to show that I was in a hurry and just waited until she had it to her satisfaction. Honestly, she barely said anything until she was almost done and then she asked if there was any baby's breath or greenery.I tried to explain that they didn't sell any by itself but I'm not sure she believed me. She reluctantly handed them back over with a smile and then told me that I could find filler at Winn Dixie as it really needed something else.
I thanked her very much and then as quickly as was polite ran to the truck. It was all actually pretty funny and I figured Peepaw would get a laugh out of the story. Besides, we thought it probably made her afternoon a little brighter.

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