Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer haircuts and other stuff

Well, I almost posted that without a thing being written. I had Janell and Julia over last night for one last sleepover before they left and we stayed up until 1:30 talking. lol. Now my brain isn't fully recovered.
We got the house clean last night before bedtime so I was going to focus on other things today, namely haircuts and school. I'm still trying to get a little bit of school done every day, but the kids are having a hard time focusing on spelling when the pool is calling their name. (We had some really sweet people pass us on a nice kid-size pool a week ago and the kids have enjoyed it so much!) I let them take a popsicle break...I needed one...and then realized I just as soon cut hair outside too. No sweeping afterward. It was fast and (almost) painless. Or would have been if I hadn't had the head pop off the clippers when I was cleaning some hair out. So I took out the screws to fit it all back together and Asher helped me out by losing one of them. In the grass. So I had to crawl around hunting through the grass with poor little Levi's haircut half done, trying to find the thing. I was praying by the third sweep under the picnic table, and thankfully I did finally find it just as I was giving up. So Levi didn't have to go around with half a haircut and the other boys got theirs too. lol
Asher is such a little busy body he is constantly finding some new thing to get into. Besides losing my screws, he kept grabbing the phone and giving it to me (after he punched all the buttons) "Heya Mama". And he also dumped half the bottle of baby powder all over everything. And he had fun using the spray bottle. It would have been frustrating if he wasn't so cute!
Then we came back in for lunch (that Lela and Alyssa fixed) and naps for the babies. And maybe I'll take one too as soon as I'm done blogging. =)
You may have noticed I finally got my slideshow posted. I have to confess I'm really disappointed in the final quality but my old computer can't handle anything else. So I guess it's better than nothing.
Well, I really need to make sure the kids finish their spelling so I'm gonna scoot for now.

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