Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's been a MONTH

I keep telling myself I'm going to blog as soon as I have a minute, but that never happens so I'm going to blog when I don't have a minute. I should be....fixing lunch ( and supper), and doing laundry, and correcting my crazy kids in the next room who should be doing school but instead are competing to see who can jump, climb, or dance better, or....any number of other things. But, instead I decided to come say "Hi" to all of you out there. Provided there are any people left who haven't given up on my ever writing again. lol.
It's surprisingly cool weather today but I'm loving it...the heat will be here all too soon with no let-up. I finally have felt this week like I might be getting back to normal since the wedding. We followed that up with a trip to Houma to see Ed's family so as much as I wanted to get back to school last week it didn't happen. I cleaned house and went grocery shopping last week. By the by, are ya'll noticing the prices? Yikes! It's scary!
With things being calmer this week I am wanting to sew again like crazy. I have several little summer projects and crafty things that are in the back of my mind and i'm forcing myself to not drag my machine out again right now. Speaking of sewing though..I decided I have to clean out my sewing closet because it would be the safest place for us to hide in case of a tornado. (Like all the ones we've been hearing about lately.) And it's so full we couldn't fit if we had to so I'm going to have to find a solution for that. Hmmm.
Anyway,...the minute I didn't have is gone so I gotta run. Hopefully I will be back before another month is up, but....I make no promises! =) TTYL.

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