Sunday, May 22, 2011

School Program (part 1)

It has been a non-stop blur of random events, many of which involved helping Pete and Holly wrap things up moving-wise; and commissioning services and get-togethers, and then finally our very own, very FIRST, end-of-the-year school program.
While, I still have school work that I'm hoping to wrap up before we are actually out for the summer, I decided to take advantage of the little window of time the whole family was still together. Tons of family showed up in support of our little effort, the kids did amazing,
and I'm really, really glad I finally did it.
I have to admit, I came so close to canceling several times before Friday.
Homeschooling is always a challenge for me... Not so much the actual doing of it (although that is sometimes too), but the attempting to juggle time and priorities and interruptions along with the homeschool. Therefore, every time I thought about doing this program, I would feel like a hypocrite, because I have never felt like we have accomplished even a fraction of what my goals were (are)! But the thing that kept me forging ahead was the fact that the kids were so excited about it. They were each working on memorizing poems, and writing a short biography report, and the chance to
show off what they know was a huge motivator for them. So in the end, doing the program was a learning experience in and of itself. The kids enjoyed it and really benefitted from the performance and the input of others (besides me). I enjoyed it and needed to hear and see that the kids are progressing. And the family enjoyed it and got to see what the kids are doing/learning.
Now, this week I plan to clean my house top to bottom, and assess what we still need to wrap up our year for real and get everyone ready for their next grade come Sept! I got 3 rooms done yesterday...the girls bedroom, the bathroom, and the porch. (Admittedly, the porch is not a room but it still counts.) So I still have 5 rooms to go. And, if I still have time, I want to sew.


Janell said...

The kids did so great and we LOVED it!!!

Julia Rose said...

SOOOOO cute!! I'm so glad you didn't cancel!! Everyone did so great!