Monday, July 26, 2010


Mondays are always busy, and today was no exception. On days like these I go for a quick and painless breakfast like milkshake. Blend, pour, drink, done. EXCEPT for.....when I get up to answer the door and Levi spills his entire cup all over the table. That was all I had made so I give him my cup and start to mop up the mess, and what does he do but spill that one all over the floor. Seriously?
It took an entire roll of paper towels to get it up and then I still had to mop and wipe it down with a rag. (I don't own enough towels to try to clean it with a regular ones. haha) Forget milkshake for Levi, he got a glass of milk and a peanut butter sandwich. ( He did manage to not spill the milk.)
Then on to my Bible study with Scilla. I'm loving it more all the time.
Follow that up with some very fast cleaning. Cause I had gotten a call from a very special friend that they would be stopping by for a visit! Super excited! The kids did a good job helping with long as I kept them away from the books. hahaha. They were excited to see their friends too.
Then I got to kick back and just visit. It's funny...Brit and I were talking about how different things are in the real life of everyday compared to the false impressions we give off when we are at church or when company comes over. At those times we are the smiling patient Mommy who sits and cuddles her babies and has a spotless house and clean, well-dressed children, with food ready to serve at a moments notice. When we all know the "real" scenario looks more like..."Isaac, you pick that up right now and if everything is done you sit on the couch and DON'T MOVE". "Everybody, we are eating our leftover pizza in the kitchen so we don't mess anything up...and Kyla, is that your third or fourth clean outfit today?"
Yep...'fraid so. =)
Anyway, all in all it was a great day!!! Thank you, Ben, Brit and babies for coming to see us!
Gotta scoot and go change my bed from where Ky wet it in nap...yeah that was probably the fifth change.


Mia said...

I just found your site through a link and really enjoy it!

ps)I'd love for you to stop by my blog!

In Christ,

Kami Gimenez said...

Ha! This is real life for sure! Glad you and Britney got to visit, I'm sure that was fun!
Love ya!