Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Yep, it's 31

I can hardly believe that I'm writing this. Last year was scary turning 30, but I could deal with it because I told myself that it' s just past 29. But now... now I'm "in my 30's"! How did that happen? I had to go put on makeup this morning to convince myself that I don't look a day over 20 (Ok, at least 25?).
So maybe I'm being a bit melodramatic... but it is surprising how time sneaks up on you.
My baby. MY oldest child turned 10 on Saturday. I can remember when he was newborn sitting and rocking him and thinking, "I wonder what he will be like at 10?" and then thinking, well I know it will go by fast but I'm just going to enjoy this moment. Well, it has gone fast. I don't feel a day older than I did then, unless you count that I now need naps more often. lol.
I'm so thankful for all the blessings the Lord has showered on me. I have been truly blessed by having the most patient and understanding and loving man ever as my husband; the 7 sweetest, most ornery, most creative, most imaginative, most loving, most forgiving children; and the greatest family and friends I could ever ask for. (Ok now I'm reminding myself of Miss America..." I want to thank my family and friends....") Seriously though, it makes me so much more aware of my responsibilities. I have so many things I would love to see happen in this next year of mine. Top of the list being that I grow closer to my Lord.
I won't lie, it's been a bit of a tough year this past year...for personal reasons. But I trust I can learn from some of the stuff I've gone through. Reading that, I realize that it sounds worse than I mean for it to. But you know how it is, you go through growing pains as a Christian even after you are all done with them as an individual. And the Lord has been showing me areas in my life that I need to improve on and take control of better.
Well, enough introspection for now...
But now you know how to pray for me in this next year if you should happen to wonder. Pray that I am more yielded to the Lord and His working. More sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and more of a testimony of His love and AMAZING GRACE!

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Anonymous said...

You are 31 years young :-) You are doing great for having seven wonderful children :-)
Love ya sis,