Tuesday, August 3, 2010

FREE, Please Take....It's Works!

This was the sign attached to my most recent answer to prayer.
We have been needing a second refrigerator for some time now and have looked for a good second hand one off and on in the paper. But as is many times the case, when we had the money we couldn't find one, and when we found one we didn't have the money. I finally just decided to pray about it and leave it with the Lord. (Why am I so slow to think of doing that FIRST?)
Well Saturday afternoon we pulled out of the drive to go over to Mom's and a few houses down we see this huge fridge sitting on the side of the road with that sign taped to it. So Ed backed up, got out and we started rolling it across the street to our house. In a few minutes the man who put it there came out and he got his dolly and helped Ed put it under the carport. It all happened so fast that it took a few minutes to sink in, but I was getting goose bumps when I realized the Lord had answered my prayer in a way I had never imagined!!!
I spent alot of the day yesterday getting it all clean and Ed and Aaron made me a nice platform for it to sit on. While I was working on the fridge, I was composing my blog post in my head....How I would tell the story, what the title would be, etc. Then when I was thinking about the title, I thought of the sign taped to the front... and that was when it hit me. You know, that is the sign God has taped to His help all the time. "FREE, Please take. It Works." Ed preached Sunday night and his message was taken from Psalm 121 and was on how God is our Helper. On the fact that He is always there to take care of every need we have or will ever have and how he should be the first One we go to for help, etc. ( I can't preach it as good as he did. =) So, anyway, I already had all that in the back of my mind too. But it is sooo humbling when you realize that the God of the Universe cares enough about you and your problems and needs and wants to personally take care of them...and then to leave you a note to let you know it was HIM and HE loves you!
I'm crying now so I have to quit typing, but I'm still Praising HIM!