Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Looking Forward...and back

I know I have said this before, but I just love New Year's. Not because we do anything in particular to celebrate, but because it is a new beginning. It's kind of like Mondays only way bigger. To me it sort of symbolizes a chance to try again and get more things right this year than grow more and learn more and maybe even have some new adventures.
I have several goals for myself this year:
- I want to get on track with homeschooling (as I had expected we lost alot of time with the baby and off and on throughout the pregnancy).
- I want to start working out again as soon as it is safe.
- I want to get a grip on my house again. ( I'm kind of feeling like everything is out of control..clutter, etc.)
- I want to have specific times once a week for scrapbooking and blogging.
- I especially want to be more consistent in a daily quiet time, which I know will help me in accomplishing my other goals.
- And I have several specific prayer requests that I would like to see answered. ( I will share them as they happen, ok. )
Then in looking back over the past year I realize how many blessings we have had.
The most recent, of course, being our little Asher. He is such a joy and we all love him to no end.
The salvation of 2 more of my children right before Asher was born and Alyssa's baptism back in Jan. ( I actually had to check back through my archives to see if that was this year or not. lol. Sure glad I have this blog. )
Ed's photography business seems to be picking up a bit. He hopes to see that take off more in this new year as well.
I have so enjoyed having my family here in the States again and living close by.
We have had a jam packed year of stuff that I would be hard put to record all of it. There's been lots of fun and good times but there's been tough times and tears too.
Last Christmas I miscarried our twin boys and more recently we lost my Grandfather on my Mom's side. We typically think of these things as only bad but in alot of ways they can be blessings because of what they teach us. It's taught me to value the people in my life more and not to take things for granted as much. It's teaching me to trust the Lord more.
There have been the frustrations any normal Mom faces of trying to be all that you need to be and not always succeeding...and there have been the joys of my children's hugs and "I love you's". The challenges of how to deal with one more mess when the day has already been a disaster, and the sweetness of getting a brownie and hot chocolate as your breakfast in bed. The feeling of, "will I ever get this Math concept through their heads?" and the delight when they excitedly tell you the newest thing they learned in History. The despair of ever getting your son to think before he says whatever is on his mind and the emotion when he shares his burden for lost souls.
It's everything in our lives...the good and the bad..that works together to make us into a people that can bring glory to the God who made us and saved us.
Looking forward to what this new year brings!

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Adelphay said...

Hi, Jessica
I really enjoyed your post. I also love Mondays and new years and clean pieces of paper and new notebooks and other things that give the feel of a fresh start. But I'm thankful our hope of "better" is not dependent on our getting "it" right. I must remind myself all my hope and supply of needs is in Jesus. Thanks for posting!
Carol Scovel