Friday, January 29, 2010

Miracles still happen...

It's true...I know, because this week we have gotten school done EVERY day. Don't laugh. I'm sure that for most of you that wouldn't qualify as a miracle but for me it sho' nuff is. =)
We started back doing school the 2nd week of January and it has actually been going pretty good. I'm really enjoying our curriculum for a couple of reasons. 1) it's easy to use, 2) it reinforces natural ways of learning and is classical in style, and 3) I'm seeing improvement in my kids.
We still haven't settled on a Math curriculum though...we ruled out Saxon for now as it was just way too much for me to handle, but are looking for a good alternative that will be user friendly as well as something that will move the kids forward quickly. I'm terrible at Math so it needs to be fairly self-explanatory. =) A friend just recommended Math-U-See so I want to check that out.
I was talking to Mom last night and we were discussing the possibilities of an end-of-school production the kids can put on. Somewhere around the first of June. I do realize that is still down the road a ways but I have to start planning for it now. =)I think it would be alot of fun as well as encouraging to them to see how far they have come and get to show off some of what they have learned. I'm hoping and praying we can finish our goals in time to have the summer off. So far we've never had that, but as I said...miracles still happen. =)

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