Saturday, January 26, 2008

grocery shopping

OK, I'm sure I've said it before but it bears repeating...I really, REALLY dislike grocery shopping.
I had to go again was that time again. The cupboards were bare and it really had been two weeks. I go first to the salvage store...which is actually the good part. I like seeing the deals I can get and feeling like I'm saving alot of money too. But then I still have to go to Walmart and brave the crowds and put 3-4 items in the cart and see $20 pop up on my calculator. Of course, I have way more than that to get so I just get it all done as fast as I can while grumbling to myself over eggs being $2 a dozen, and although milk has gone " down" to under $4 I know it's only for today, and the price of meat and vegetables makes up for that anyway.....etc.
You get the picture.
By the time I get home I'm tired, and grouchy about having spent all that money, and Ed has to leave for work and the kids are ready for supper, and I still have to put everything away, and even though I have plenty of food I have no idea what to cook. So we settle for PB&J s (supplemented with dried fruit and carrot sticks so I feel better about it),...then I get everyone through the bath and put on a video for them and crash for a bit.
Anyway, I'll probably rant about it all for a day and then I'm over it until next time to go.
OK, I feel better now. Don't you?=)

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