Monday, April 26, 2010

"Ministry Moments"

First let me say that I'm stealing most of these thought from Br Johnny's sermon last night although I"m drastically paraphrasing here. But it was such a blessing that it's much on mymind today and I had to share.
Have you ever thought that ministry is not a 4 step plan or a carefully made out list? It's doesn't happen in convenient little time slots and is not wrapped up in neat packages. As Jesus is our example in all things, look at His example in Mark 5: 21-43. He was ministering to a large crowd when Jairus comes running up and begs Him to come with him. he doesn't rebuke him or tell him to wait but immediately gets up and follows...(In other words, what He was already doing was not more important in His mind than Jairus' need). Then on His way to Jairus' house a woman with an issue of blood who has been sick 12 years touches His clothes and is healed. He stops in the middle of this chaotic throng to speak and minister to this woman...and then continues on His way to be met by scoffers and unbelievers. And yet He still ministers to each of these as is needed...He encourages those that don't have faith and gets rid of the mockers and scoffers, and then raises the little girl.
As I said before, I am very much paraphrasing the message and I'm sure not communicating it nearly as well, but this one thought keeps hanging with me.... Do I only minister where and when it's convenient or do I minister in the moment. Can I lay aside my preconceived notions of what my day was "supposed" to be like long enough to see the reals needs of my children or others. Ministry by it's nature is "in the moment", yet I so often tend to think I can minister best by "having a plan". But the best plan is to trust the Holy Spirit's leading on a moment by moment basis. Thank the Lord for His goodness and grace! my prayer is to see and capture all my "ministry moments".

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Andrea said...

Thanks for sharing this, Jessica! This is so important and yet REALLY hard for me to do! In theory, I'm all about living in the moment, but in practice I so often feel frustrated b/c my day is yet again not going like I had planned and I can't reconcile myself to the way it REALLY is and just enjoy it and be happy anyway. Sadly, I know I too often dismiss and am irritated by "ministry moments" b/c they just don't fit with my plan or ideal. When I think about it, really "interuptions" are the norm in life, so we might as well just embrace them. Oh, but this is SOO tough for me. Anyway, thanks for this great reminder! Hope that you and your sweet family are all doing well! Lots of love to all, Andrea