Sunday, August 2, 2009

Be careful what you say

Last night, I was doing some last minute cleaning before bed and tried to include a quick fix project that I have been needing to do. Our toilet paper holder gets alot of abuse and it has been missing the holder itself plus one screw for awhile now. I finally got the holder replacement and found a screw I thought would work, so I was trying to fix it really quick last night. First I tried to just put the screw in but it pulled right out of the wall, then I tried to loosen the bottom screw but it refused to budge( in spite of being used as a swing or handlebar several times a day). After working with it for a while I finally called to Ed in the other room that " I need help I can't get this stupid screw loose!". To my dismay, I immediately hear below me "Soopid, soopid" and I look down to see Kyla wielding a pencil in place of a screwdriver in perfect immitation of what I had just done....
  Of course I had to tell her "You don't say that", but it was a very humbling reminder that our children hear every thing. Even the stuff we don't want them too.

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