Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chores and Change

   I'm not sure if I have figured out the "right" way to do chores or not, but I did just put together a chart ( I use the term loosely) that I 'm hoping will prove workable for us. It just dawned on me today while I was mopping that I really have alot of preconceived ideas about things that aren't really the right way to look at them. I guess I keep wishing I could figure out the magic formula for  making things fall into place. Like if I figure out the perfect schedule or way of doing things, then it will make everything easier. I have come to realize though that there is no such thing as the "perfect" way of doing things. You have to find out what works for you right now, and then when that doesn't work anymore,  find  a new way. 
 As people, we are constantly changing... our children are constantly changing... and it is foolish to think that we can find only one way of doing things and never change it.  And I'm not talking about our convictions or Biblical principles, but just practical ways of doing things. 
 It has been hard to finally admit this to myself, because I keep wishing there was a magic formula. But the only formula is to keep looking to the Lord for wisdom every day. And that is where I fall short. To continue to admit every day, "Lord I need your help, I can't do this alone." When I do stop fretting and take it to the Him, my day is so much better... but I can't go on yesterday's strength anymore than I can go on yesterday's food. It's a daily thing. 
  So... for those who are curious... this is what I worked out for us this week. And next week we will just change who does what.
Aaron (9)---make breakfast and unload dishwasher (it's usually oatmeal or something else simple)
Lela(7)---load dishwasher and feed pets
Alyssa(6)---one complete load of laundry and sweep D.R. floor (usually a load of towels or underthings)
Isaac(5)---Clean off table and take out trash
Levi(3)--- pick up/sort dirty clothes
Kyla(22 mths.)---pick up shoes

   They are still learning, and, of course, I have to remind them, especially the little ones, but all things considered they do pretty good.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you finally posted!!!What a great idea for the kids. Loved the post about Levi. I miss all of y'all so much, but we're having a good time.

Love ya lots,

Kami Gimenez said...

Hey Jessica!
I saw a link to your blog when Ed posted on Josh's blog...anyway. I love chore charts, too!!
We rotate weekly also. We have an A, B, and C. The kids do pretty well knowing what's to be expected of them. Aren't we all like that.
Enjoying your blog!
Love ya,