Sunday, July 26, 2009


    Levi has been quite the character lately...I'm not sure what stage he is going through but it's a combination of bossy/hyper/whiny. Which, all combined, can be a handful, but it's not without it's humor.
  He just got passed down a little red trike from Anna Laurie a couple days ago and I have let him keep it in the house (so far anyway). He has LIVED on that thing. Literally. He rides it everywhere, and even if he has to sit on something else he will pull it up and at least prop his feet on it. I found him lounging half on and half off my rocking chair the other day with his fingers in his mouth (it was close to nap time), but his feet were propped on the trike.  =) I had to take it away from him today and put it in  my room (the special place where all repo'd toys go) because he wouldn't quit screaming every time someone else touched it. So this evening he kept bringing me other toys ..."here Mama you can put this in your room... can I get my bithycle now?" I think he was trying to trade. 
  I love to hear him talk though... he has the funniest way of saying things. Like when he heard my new alarm clock ticking loudly on my night stand, he put his ear right up to it and then whispered loudly to me, "I sink it hears me."
 Or, when he thinks Kyla is doing something she shouldn't..."KY KY that is a NO NO. Stop dat wight NOW!"

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