Thursday, July 17, 2008

Homemaking Art

A friend of mine just sent this article to me and it was such a blessing I felt I wanted to share it with you. I'm going to highlight the parts that really spoke to me.

Homemaking as an Art

By Mary Felker

Wouldn't it be wonderful to paint a masterpiece, compose a symphony, or pen a soul-felt hymn? Perhaps you have completed one of these yourself, or maybe you take time to enjoy these arts created by others. My first thought after drinking in the amazing feeling of one of these pieces is, "How'd they do that?"

Whenever we ask this question, the answers are based in the techniques and skills used to produce the tangible results we all enjoy. It is true that the creators of these beautiful forms of art have ability. However, unless the artist draws from a wealth of insight and experience, the piece won't speak to us.

So it is with the art of homemaking. We can work hard at running our home through making meals, cleaning, child training, or decorating and yet never really say anything. Now, don't run from what I'm saying with the thought that I am giving you one more task to add to your chore list. Take just a few more minutes to read on and perhaps catch a vision of homemaking at its best. Really, it's life as its best.

God Himself is THE Artist. How He created His masterpiece is truly a wonder. However, when we meditate on what He meant to communicate and the quality He used to create with, we can grow in our hearts the appreciation for this art of homemaking. When we as humans decide to create something, it is always in a limited form, without life or the capacity to create. We are finite in our understanding and confined to the materials we have at hand. Limitless God chose a living, growing, ever-expanding medium to express Himself through. He set the sun, moon, and stars in their courses and gave them specific laws to govern them. He created each system on earth to be interdependent with the next in order to support the life He placed here.

He took this one leap further. He created man in His image and gave him everything he needed to reach his full potential and whole expression of being in the image of God. You know all this. It's a review. Yet it is the common things in life that can be overlooked. Simple truth is the easiest to miss and yet it can also change your whole world view when you finally see it.

What if it were really true that He has given us everything for life and godliness? What if, when He created the world, He made its every part to facilitate its success? What if every single thing you need were flowing toward you all the time like waves on the ocean? What if you were to believe it's true?

Too often we can't see all He has for us because we focus on all we think we don't have. It is not possible to create a thriving, vibrant, life when you are not sure you have all you need to pull it off. Your life will open to the world of possibilities when you begin to recognize His bountiful care for not only you but for everyone. There is no place for worry when you remember that everything is going your way. Whatever challenges you face, I say, turn your back on them and your face toward all you have - resources, ideas, potential. Grab hold of all the "yeses" you see in your life and you will see all of the other possibilities for you.

Our homes are part of the ongoing work of God's creation. We are, in a real sense, the creators of our homes. We have every resource we need to make it a haven to our families and others. We may grow in skills, but more so, as we grow in faith toward our all-loving, all-supplying God, we will be free to develop our homemaking art.

We are too quick to fret. It takes time to build a masterpiece. You may not know the answers, have the tangible resources, or see the end to a situation at this time, but walking in faith means seeing with your soul the abundance that is all around. There is nothing lacking and no need to worry. This is what it means to pray without ceasing and be anxious for nothing.

When a new problem (I call them projects) comes up, rather than yell at one of the kids or wring your hands, get a God's eye view. The situation may not be pleasant, but the universe is still on course. Your angels are still on guard. The blessings you need are still there with ten thousand besides.

What happens when you take this view? You act differently. You use who you are in abilities, thinking processes, emotions, and skills in a way that creates more blessings for yourself and those around you. Holding fast to the truth that God IS and is all for you, will allow you to say something with your homemaking. The joy of the Lord comes from knowing, to the core of your being, that everything is all right in Him. And since we live and move and have our being in Him, we are all right. With this view, He can ignite our flame and we can let our home fires blaze.

Mary Felker is the moderator of a unique site dedicated to helping Christian women manage their homes. To participate in her free home management course that has helped many, visit or email her directly at

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