Thursday, August 7, 2008

Everyday drama

Well, we finally recieved our first official curriculum order. We are all so excited. This is only part of it of course, the rest is coming soon
We already started some lessons the beginning of the week. I wanted to get an early start because I know we will be losing time later on in the year. So far the kids are loving it. I still trying to work out just how I'm going to juggle everything...I guess only experience will help there. We are following a classical approach and, although it will be more challenging to follow, it is a method we really believe in.
This summer has gone by so quickly..I still feel as though I should be planning what I want to accomplish with my time. I realize it's not completely over yet (given the heat index anyway=), but the majority of it is. I'm not sure I could tell you what we have done besides just living. That sure takes up alot of time.
I'm attempting to potty train Levi...haha. Attempting being the key word. He's not too sold on the idea yet. Ky is getting around and into everything. When she is on the floor (she doesn't crawl, just scoots) I spend most of the time prying stuff out of her mouth. Then if I could get Isaac to quit teaching Levi to jump off of everything in sight....he says he's flying. (sigh)
Alyssa and Lela have spent alot of time "sewing". I got them little sewing kits and they have gone crazy cutting scraps into doll clothes. They actually did complete a little sewing project each on their own. Lela made a tiny little appliqued quilt block and Lyssa made a tiny potholder complete with loop. I was so proud of them! It was totally on their own, I just showed them how to thread the needle or untangle a thread.
Aaron turned 8 in July ( doesn't seem possible!) and we took him the the USS Alabama for his birthday. It was a fun field trip for everyone ...except for when I wasn't scared spitless someone would get too close to the edge. What's with the 'cute' little ropes around the edge? where's the wall?
All that aside, the kids had a blast, especially getting to tour the submarine. I have to say I was pretty impressed too.
Oh, and then Aaron got his first BB gun (thanks, Uncle John) and shot his first bird the other day. He is allowed to target practice with inanimate objects as long as none of the others are outside. It never occured to me that he would actually shoot a bird, but he came in all excited. "Mom I shot my very first bird! I can't believe it, I didn't think I would! Papa said Mawmaw would scare away the dogs with it and it would just bounce off them. I can't believe it!"
I was torn between not bursting his bubble ( he was so proud), and not wanting my birds killed in my own backyard, thank you very much! Then he started to head out the door again. "I'm going to go get another one!" At which point I told him I would make him clean and eat anything he killed. He looked shocked, so I explained you only shoot stuff for food. Then he said,"Well, I'll go find a squirrel. Papa says those are good to eat." (Oh, yay.) I told him he had to clean anything he shot but that didn't discourage him in the least. So far, no squirrels have wound up dead.Thankfully.
I have to admit I have a hard time with the whole shooting thing. I know, on the one hand, he needs to know this stuff for survival and it's parts of a guy's nature to conquer,etc. But at the same time, I want him to respect life and not take it lightly. Ed has taught him all about gun safety and that sort of thing, so I know he is aware of what they can do. I guess the Lord just wants me to stay prayed up. =)
Anyway, as you can tell, we have plenty of everyday drama around here...
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melmietzner said...

I totally beleive you when you say you are busy just living life :o) I have a hard time keeping up with 2 , I can't even imagine 6. It sounds like your homeschooling is coming along just fine. I'm sure you'll get into the groove of things. Your kids sounds just as funny and adorable as usual. I enjoy the stories of you every day life! God bless.