Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A visit to Aunt "Genesis"

We were down in Wiggins yesterday finishing up with Meemaw's kitchen redo (which went very well, by the by) and I had the kiddoes outside playing in the yard. Or so I thought...I found out a little later that Aaron, Isaac, and Alyssa had decided to go down and visit Aunt "Genesis" (Aunt Anis) who was out burning trash in her yard. Well they get down there and then Alyssa asks if they can go inside "because this smoke is bothering my nose". Aaron left after a few minutes and Lela went down to call the other two back home, but all of this happened before I knew anything about it. I'm usually pretty laid back when we're down there because I feel safe with them running around, but it never occurred to me that they would come up with an idea like that...especially asking to go inside. Ed and I were putting up cabinet doors when they came in confessing each others sins, and we were doing our best not to crack up because it was kind of funny. They did all get in trouble when we got home that night, though. Kids! what they don't come up with.

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