Friday, February 27, 2015

Adventures in Roofing (and other things)

I promise I haven't been spending all my time on Pinterest. Much as I would like to. We have also been living life and "getting stuff done".
 Several projects are coming to completion, and I'm so excited to share them. One of the biggest things is getting our roof finished. Hahaha. I'm sure you are wondering how we have lived for 16 months with no roof ?!?  Don't worry, we haven't been huddled in a hovel with rain dripping in. We have managed quite well and stayed cozy! But it has been a work in progress:
 Stage 1:  Oct 2013--We started with a heavy duty double layer of blue tarp and a layer of Tyvek over our rafters.
Stage 2:  March 2014--We transitioned to beautiful pine beadboard ceiling with a layer of Tyvek  for waterproofing and flashing trim (with tarp and Tyvek left on the porch roof).
Stage 3:  Feb 2015--We began our final stage yesterday by getting rid of our last piece of roofing tarp on the cabin and installing corrugated sheet metal on the porch roof. Today we added insulation and corrugated metal over the top of our beadboard and Tyvek on one side of the roof, and tomorrow, Lord willing, we finish the last bit.

It has been a bit of a slow process due to many circumstances. Not the least of which is doing all the work ourselves, with 8 kids in tow.  I will be the first to say they have been a HUGE asset in this adventure! But it also makes things chaotic interesting. One minute you are on a roof nailing down boards and sheet metal, the next you are mending a cut on a nose with super glue. Not me. Ed.
  Sure is handy to have a guy around who can handle everything from building cabins to patching up kids. ;-)
 We have gotten so much done in the last month though, and several more projects lined up to finish too. Our windows have been ordered and will be installed next week hopefully. And the kitchen got insulation and board walls. The intense work seems to go in spurts. Some months it's just a little thing here and another thing there, and others, it seems there aren't enough hours in the day, or days in a week.
 I won't even tell you when the kids had a bath last, but at least my laundry is staying caught up.  ;-) And we are doing the bath thing tonight.
  I had hoped to post a few pics from when we started, but those are inaccessible right now so here are a few from the last couple days.

 Side note here about the chicken nest….we have 5 hens and they have finally started laying again over the last month or two, after a long while of nothing. But the last few days (maybe a week?), not only were we not finding what I thought was all the eggs, but then one of our chickens went missing. After many searches, we naturally assumed the worst.  Then, suddenly, today she comes clucking into the yard happy and healthy and we were able to find where she had hidden out. 29 eggs, my friends! and that is a record.

 More pics later. =)

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