Thursday, October 4, 2012

Laundry Soap Revisited

I posted back in May about making my own laundry soap, but haven't had a chance to write any reviews until now.
  I'm thinking about it today because I am halfway through my batch. I had stored it in two ice cream buckets and it had started to harden before I was completely done with my first bucket. Not really a big deal as it dissolved easily in the water, but not quite as convenient for measuring accurately. So I got the brilliant idea to try to convert the rest of it to liquid. Hmmm. I have hit some snags with that, but long story short, if you want to make it into a liquid you need to follow a different process. I can fix it but it's taking a while.
 Anyway...back to actual review of the soap:
   1. I love the way it smells, so fresh!
   2. It cleans super good (even for my little mud monsters =). No odor and pretty effective at stain removal.
  3. It is super cost effective. To be honest, the usage is a little off as I have had some liquid detergent that I already had on hand and wanted to finish up. So it has not been used exclusively...BUT, from what I can tell, using it exclusively, an entire batch should last me about 9 months. That's for a family of 10.

 So, to sum it all up. Yes, I would totally do this again. I'm hoping to order more ingredients in about a week or so and try storing it in glass jars this time. And I'll be using all the same ingredients I did last time. I really do love how this stuff smells and cleans! (You can see my original post here including the recipe.)

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