Saturday, March 24, 2012


                                                      Wyatt Randolph Blakeman
                                                        Born March 22, 5:35 am
                                                 Weight : 10 lbs 15 oz (aka 11 lbs!)
                                                         Length: 21.5 inches

 So happy to announce the arrival of this big little man at looooong last! He is doing super great and I am getting there. =) I'll spare you the details as far as labor went, but will say "His grace is sufficient...". There were thankfully no complications, it was just very long. And may I is so great to be able to breathe and not have heartburn anymore!!!!!
 Here are a few more pics of the little man. I'm hoping we can do a photo shoot with all the kids before long!

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Kami Gimenez said...

He's adorable! And I want to know the details!