Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Just had to post really quick

 As it happened... yesterday, I spent a lot of time on the computer (basically re-charging after a hectic weekend) and ran across some blogs I had forgotten about. Didn't really have time to pursue the links as much as I wanted to then, but this afternoon I've been looking again....drooling and getting lots of ideas, etc. So many great projects...Agh. Love it!
 Anyway, the point I'm leading up to is that I'm really, REALLY, hoping/praying/planning to refresh my blog come January. I know I don't share near the amount of pictures or things from our lives that I want to, so I'm hoping to change that. (We will at least begin with an update and go from there. =)
 Just wanted to give you all a little something to look for (and possibly remind me of, if necessary).
  Have a great week!


Janell said...

I'M gonna be reminding you of it!!! :-D

JeccaB said...

Thanks! I'm gonna count on that! =)