Friday, July 29, 2011

Not creative enough for a title right now....

But I figured it was time for an update anyway. I think I mentioned we got back from vacay about 2 weeks ago now...
My time since then has just flown! I've been trying to get my house clean, been waging all out war on ants ( those industrious little critters are driving me crazy), been trying to get organized for school, and in random moments I've been learning about digital scrapbooking.
As would be expected, it took me several days to unpack and and do some basic straightening, but then I had to get down and do some deep cleaning. I think it must something with the weather but ants have besieged us lately. And although, yes, we have our fair share of crumbs, (7 kids will do that), it is only recently that the ants started coming inside. So I'm going through every room and every cabinet and drawer and wiping and spraying peppermint and mopping... Apparently all to no avail because they JUST KEEP COMING. And I've even gotten super vigilant with the crumbs. Don't get me wrong, I do clean regularly (and repeatedly)but I've found it useless (need I add, unhealthy) to obsess about all the dirt and mess kids can make. But I'm afraid lately I've been obsessing about every crumb. Not that that helps anything. =) I may have to find some kind of poison....but anyway. Lest I bore you, I'll move on.
Schoolwise I've been trying to take advantage of the back to school sales and I've stocked up on glue and pencils and notebooks, etc. The kids always enjoy this part too. I let them pick out their favorite notebooks and folders (in the $1 section=). I hadn't planned to start back so soon but we have alot of catching up to do. Mostly in Math, so that's our focus for now, but I'll be adding in the other subjects soon.
Then, I've been learning about digital scrapbooking, which ... honestly, has surprised me. I love the hands-on, creative aspect of scrapbooking and have avoided digital for a long time because it seemed remote and impersonal. But, thanks to my sister-in-law, Rachel, I've been finding out that: 1. there's tons of free stuff out there so no money is spent; 2. it's not messy so all I have to do is close my laptop when I'm done; 3. my pictures are already here, I don't have to print them off; and 4. it really is fun. I still prefer the other, but I don't have the time or space to do it at all right now, so with all that, digital is a pretty good substitute. And I'm getting my pictures scrapbooked. At some point I can either print the pages or make a photo book, but for now it's a great free option. I would love to share some of my creations but I haven't figured out how to do that yet. Still learning!
Well, I gotta run now! TTYL

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