Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Yep, that's my Levi would say. =)
It has been a truly happy birthday, full of fun surprises and treats along the way. It started with Aaron fixing me a birthday tray (per Ed's instructions, as he was at work) of coffee and cinnamon toast. Then the kids and I got ready and went to Gulfport for a visit with my best friend from high school...a.k.a. Rachel Freret Shoener. I had seen Rachel last year, but I haven't been down there to the Freret's house since I graduated 13 years ago. It was a great visit, reminiscing and catching up. When I got home I had a package waiting from was a Willow Tree figurine that I have been admiring for awhile!!! Then this evening Josh,Rachel, Anna Laurie, Priscilla, and Cody all come over to wish me a happy birthday. Priscilla had even made me a cheesecake. Yum-my!
And all my facebook friends sent so many sweet and thoughtful wishes my way. And last, but by no means least, my sweet children had made me little handmade cards and crafty gifts that are the stuff of keepsakes. And to finish out the day (or start the morning, however you want to look at that)...I just got to talk to my sweet family in Mozambique and they sent their happy wishes too!
All in all, a great day...the only missing element was my sweet man had to be at work. But he got me my present early last week and a good one it was too. He knows how much I love to organize so he got me some cubbies and storage units. Bless him!
So, many thanks to each of you who wished me a "Happy Birthday", and came by or called. You have each made my day so sweet. Thank you Lord, for blessings with out number!

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