Tuesday, June 14, 2011

One night (almost) with the frogs

We get in from VBS tonight, and I'm collapsed on the couch and I keep hearing unusual bursts of laughter from the girls room. No talking, just random shrieks. So I go in to tell them to pipe down and I see Alyssa picking a little frog up off the floor. Both girls are giggling fit to kill...then Lela says, "Mine is in the doll house, we have beds for them." ????? Seriously? Yep, they both brought home little baby toads from church and were hiding them out in their room. Well, as much as I can sympathize with loving to catch frogs, I draw the line at bringing them inside. I'm more germ-conscious now than I was at their age. lol.


Janell said...

It cracks me up that the girls are more adventurous with "little animals" than the boys are!!!

JeccaB said...

I know! me too! I used to be the same way though...with catching frogs and lizards and such. =)

Judy said...

How delightfully funny...the funniest part is the girls brought the frogs home...not the boys. Love it...and love you. Was glad you stopped by Apron Strings so I could follow you back for this smile. oxo