Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lessons on learning....(for me)

I read a homeschooling article several years back titled "the baby is the lesson" and it was such a blessing to me. I was tempted to make that my title this morning but I would be stealing someone else's idea. However...this morning the Lord was reminding me of that lesson.
I've been sharing about our ladies Bible study and what a blessing it has been, but the last week I haven't been able to be consistent with studying. There has been so much going on getting ready for Priscilla's wedding and I've allowed myself to be derailed (because no matter the circumstances, we always choose what will be our priorities...right or wrong). So, this morning I got up with the determination to have my quiet time. I managed to get up before the kids were very much awake. I told the 1 or 2 I saw to stay in bed and I would call them later. Well, one thing and another kept popping up and I kept getting interrupted. Asher woke up and was especially demanding. I finally told Aaron to bring him to sit on my bed and so he starts crawling all over grabbing and touching and I keep having to correct him about this or that. Then Ky joins us and starts bouncing on the bed. And this whole time I'm studying about quieting our souls before the Lord, and dealing with anger, and how the Lord wants us to respond to situations beyond our control, etc. All especially timely with all that has been going on...and yet I found myself being a bit exasperated because I couldn't "focus" on my Bible study properly and give it the attention I wanted. And about the time Asher launched himself right up in the middle of my lap, I sort of felt God telling me "the baby is the lesson". It doesn't matter whether I get it from reading this amazing Bible study, or listening to an eloquent speaker... the lesson is the how are you going to deal with the issues that face you every day (every moment). Are you going to read about having a calm quiet spirit and yet get angry because you can "focus" on your Bible study. Or are you going to realize that this IS the lesson?
And AS I type these words, I have yet another confession. I had let Aaron start fixing breakfast, and I hear him in the kitchen yelling at Lela about something and it's disrupting my concentration yet again, so I call him in here and on finding out that he didn't follow instructions (again) I chew him out and send him back to do the job right. (sigh) Yep, learned that lesson real good.
Not that he didn't need correction, but I didn't need to get angry about it!
Anyway, confession hour is up and I gotta run. In the meantime...maybe you can remember better than me..."the baby is the lesson".

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