Thursday, November 11, 2010

Talespin Studio

In case you can't guess, that is going to be the name of my pottery studio (and possibly anything else I decide to design and sell). Ed has been working on my pottery wheel lately and I'm closer than ever to starting my dream of making pottery. Of course I really only want to make it for fun and personal use, but hey, if it turns out that I can make money on it in the long run, I'm certainly not opposed to the idea. =)
The name started with me needing to open an Etsy account this evening. And they tell you that your username will be your shop name if you ever decide to sell something. So I figured, why not make it a good one. Ed helped me brainstorm for a little bit and this was what we came up with: Talespin Studio. The idea being that there will be a story behind everything I create...sewing or spinning pottery... and also the little fact that I have 7 little loves that sometimes put me in a tailspin. AND ....we created my logo...which I have always thought was extremely important even if I never sell my stuff. I want it marked with my own logo. I'll try to scan a copy of our drawing, but it's a flying book with "Talespin Studio" cutely arranged underneath. Can you tell I'm excited? My husband is so awesome! I tell him that all the time.

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