Thursday, November 11, 2010


I have this love/hate relationship with socks. In the winter, there is nothing better than cuddling up with a fresh pair of cozy pair of socks on when your feet are cold. [If you can find a match.] And the selection in the stores.... I love it! The cute colors and styles. Fluffy ones, fuzzy ones, stripey and polka dot ones, ones with toes. Too cute!
But here's the deal see... socks seem to disappear when it's time to go anywhere. Me: "Go get your socks and shoes on." Someone: (wailing) "I don't have any socks!" So I run to the dryer where I know I just washed an entire load of (I'm positive) nothing but socks and I can't find one single matching pair! Once I have spread the entire load all over my bed, I finally manage to scrape together enough socks to get us out the door. (So much for spontaneity.)
Awhile back, I got tired of looking through 15 drawers to find socks so I designated ONE drawer for all the kids socks. They usually all get put in the drawer unmatched and at some point it's someone's job to match them all.{ Not Isaac though, until he learns how it's supposed to work. I had him do it a couple weeks back and at first glance they seemed ok, if not somewhat lumpy. But on closer inspection, like when I went to smooth them out, I found 3 or 4 different socks all stuffed into one. And not one single one matched any of the others. I had to laugh at that one.} Theoretically, it works like a charm....realistically, we rarely have matched pairs of socks. So those who are less fashion conscious ( and have somehow escaped Mom's scrutiny) wind up with two beautifully mis-matched socks.
Then, there is the finding of dirty socks under every piece of furniture in the entire house. (Yep, pretty sure they didn't miss even one.) And at least 1 out of every 3 of these have some sort of little toy or toys stuffed into each one. Who ever came up with that one must have thought they hit on a brilliant idea. "Hey, I know, let me see how many match box cars I can stuff in this one...then the others will never find my secret stash! I'll even hang it from this hook on the back of the door so that even if they do see it they can't reach it. Awesome!"
Sometimes I laugh and sometimes I growl. =)
On the upside, when I ever do open the drawer and find it full of folded matched socks it's inspirational and exciting. Yeah, I know, I lead a boring life.
So that's how it goes...but, honestly, as frustrating as it is sometimes....I wouldn't trade it for the world. It means I have a houseful of little feet running around that bring lots of joy and quite a few laughs.


Janell said...

I brought cute Christmas socks and I'm determined to wear at least one pair on Christmas day if nothing else, even if it is 110 degrees outside. Love ya lots. <3

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica! I'm having a computer lesson & decided to check your blog. I enjoy it a lot & I usually get a laugh also. I see you are embarking on a new adventure. I am trying something new too & I'm excited about it. I will have to tell you about it when you come for Thanksgiving. We are looking forward to it.
Luv you, aunt S

Anonymous said...

Hi Jec, enjoyed your two most recent posts. It is fun imagining things as you write in your blog. I have to laugh at some of your cute descriptions! :) Love you and hope to see you in a few days up in Newton. your cuz, W :)